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Beginner’s Guide for Crypto Investment in AmityFinanceLtd

Gone are the days when cryptocurrency investment was more tedious. Now its made facile with the simple user interface of Bitcoin Investment Platform, AmityFinanceLtd. We, provide investment plans that can be chosen by the users based on their convenience. If you are looking for gaining good profit from bitcoin investment in a short period of time then carry out these steps to start your investment in AmityFinanceLtd.

Step 1- Open

Step-2 Select the SignUp option

Step-3 Fill the Registration form to SignUp and select Register in the end.

Step 4-  You will be taken to the dashboard which will display your financial information, deposit as well as withdrawal information.

Step 5- Under the deposit Option “Click Deposit”

Step 6- In your deposit option you will be able to select the required plan by calculating the profits with the help of integrated calculator.

Step 7- Once you select the required plan, you will be asked to spend funds from Ethereum or Bitcoin

Step 8-  Once you select the “Spend” option you will be asked for Deposit confirmation.

Step 9-  You can then send the Bitcoin or ETH to Wallet address provided.

Overtime you can check your Earnings in the “Earnings History” provided.


SignUp now to Start your investment!!


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